Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego



CGCSD 2016 Tournament Rules


1. USGA rules shall govern all plays except as modified by local rules and the Chamorro Golf Club of San         Diego.

2. All players shall tee off from their designated boxes (see #3). 

3. Tee Box Assignment :

                Men                                                                                                        Women

       a)  White Tees                                                                                              a) Red Tees

4. A maximum of 14 clubs may be in the bag.  

5. All putts must be HOLED OUT.

6. The use of electronic-measuring device such as, range finders, GPS, etc., is permitted. 

7. Keep up with the group in front of you; play ready golf.  

8. Observe the 5-minute rule when searching for a ball.  

  • When in doubt if a ball is either “lost” or “out of bounds”, play a provisional ball to avoid any delay.  
  • Player shall "declare" that he/she will be playing a provisional ball "prior" to proceeding to search for the missing ball.
  • Should the "original" ball be found, play shall proceed as being in play with no penalty.

9.   Players are to observe all golf etiquette.

10. Power lines or man made obstruction within the course.

  • If the ball strikes a power line, the stroke is cancelled and players must play another ball near the spot where the original ball was hit. 
  • If a player’s ball lands in an area whereas the lie or swing is obstructed or in contact with a man made obstruction, a drop of two (2) club lengths is allowed - no closer to the hole.  There is no penalty in both cases.

11. Players shall exchange scorecards with members within their group.

  • All score cards must be completed and signed by the score keeper and attested by another player within the group. 
  • Any conflict between the players regarding the score card shall be brought to the attention of the Rules Committee for resolution. NOTE:Do not sign the score card until the committee has made a final decision. Please know that once the score card is signed and attested, it becomes final and irrevocable. Players must turn in their score cards immediately upon completion of play.  


12. Tournament Cups Info (Final Rounds to determine winners will be played January 2017)

  •    Gadao Cup - Must have 6 tournaments played by November Tournament and make the cutline before reset.
  •   Quipuha Cup - Must have 6 tournaments played, 2 months of matches will be scheduled in case a                                             players is unable to participate, player will forfiet match if a no show, player who is                                   present for the first round will automatically move to the next round unless the match is played                                   the following month.
  •    Mata'Pang Cup - Must have 6 tournaments played by December Tournment.  

13.  Members must notify Ryan Blas or any other club starter in advance if arriving late or not planning to play in our   monthy tournament. 

14.  Any members arriving late to a tournament will not be eligible to enter any side action.

15.  Members who do not show up to a tournament after committing will be penalized. The first no show during the year will be excused. On the second no show, members will have to pay a 50% of the course fee. On the third no show and thereafter, members will have to pay 100% of the course fee. For example, if the golf course charged each club member $50 for our tournament, the member must pay $25 to the club on the second no show. On the third no show and therafter,the member must pay a fee of $50.

16.  For invited guests, they will not be eligible to enter into any side actions during our monthly tournaments. Guests can still play the tournament and will be eligible to receie points if they place. 

17.  Invited guests will have to pay an additional $15 to what members pay to play in our monthly tournament.




Handicaps will be used to determine the winners. In order to provide a fair and competitive tournament, the club has adopted the following rules in regards to a player’s handicap. 


1) The maximum handicap will be 28. 

2) The handicap to be used will be the player’s two (2) GHIN Tournament handicap plus Current Index              divided by 3.

3) If a player does not having the required Tournament GHIN handicap, then 80% of the current GHIN             index will be used. 

4) For those that do not have an established handicap, player plays at zero handicap. 

5) Any player posting a seven (7) strokes or better than their handicap submitted will be adjusted                      accordingly. 

Stroke Play: A player records the total number of strokes, plus penalties, for the whole round. The player with the least shots wins.

Match Play: "Hole-by-hole basis" - If a player scores lower than his/her opponent "on a hole", he/she wins that hole. The player with the most holes wins. A match can also end early if a player has won more holes than there is left to play.