Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego






Chamorro Cups 

(Starting on 2014 - CGCSD Members Only)

Must participate in a minimum of six (6) CGCSD Tournaments to Qualify


Chief Gadao Cup

History: “Chief Gadao” was a legendary chief of the village of Inarajan in southern Guam. In the Chamorro language of ancient Guam, he would have had the title "maga'lahi" as a high-ranking male. In addition to being featured in legend, he is the namesake of Inarajan's Chief Gadao’s Cave containing ancient cave paintings.

Format:  Consists of the January to December Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego Monthly Champion Golfers.  To be held on January of the following year.

Prize Points:  200

Chief Kepuha Cup

History:  Chief Kepuha” also spelled Kipuhá or Quipuha, was the island of Guam's first Catholic chief. The chief's name means "striving to capsize". He granted the lands to Spanish missionaries upon which the first Catholic Church in the Marianas was built.

Format:  Match Play.

Prize Points:  Winner:  200                  Runner-Up: 100


Chief Mata'pang Cup

History:  “Chief Mata'pang” was the Chief for the village of Tumon on the island of Guam. In the ancient Chamorro language, the chief's name meant "to be made pure by cleansing". In modern Chamorro, the current definition means "to be silly".

Format:  The accumulation of points earned from all Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego monthly tournaments from January to November.  The top fifty percent (50%) and ties will be advancing to the first round Play-Off on December.  January of the following year will be the final round and will consist of the fifty percent (50%) of players and ties from the December Play-Off results.

Total Prize Points:  800