Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego



2015 Monthly Tournament Side Action (Optional)

 Total Fee: $30.00

Important:  Participation in the side action is an option for all players.  Tournament Format may be subject to change as best fit for the club.  The Prize Points distribution is based on the number of participants.  In stroke play, in the event where there is a tie in score, to determine a winner and/or placement, the total score from holes 13 - 18 shall be used. If another tie occurs, the the total score of holes 1 - 6 shall be used. Players without a handicap will play to a zero "0"  handicap.

Stroke Play Net Score

Overall Net Score:

Format:  Lowest total overall net score shall be declared the CGCSD Champion Golfer of the Month (Members Only).  A, B and C awarding prize point up to 2th place per flight. 

Closest to the Pin

Format:  Applies to a player's first shot on a par 3. Must be on the green and is closest to the pin.  There will be an A and B Flight Closest to the Pin.  Flights will be determine by split in half of the field's handicaap.  For example:  28 Total participating players,  A flight = 15 players with handicap between 7 - 17 and B flight = 13 players with handicap between 18 - 36.  

2nd Chance Closest to the Pin

Format:  The closest to the pin of a player's 2nd shot into a Par 3.  Only applies when you miss the green on your first shot, and must be on the green on 2nd shot.  No Flights.


CGCSD Member's Bonus

(Must be in Side Action to Qualify)


2nd Chance Hole - Out Bonus

Prize Points:  15   

Format:  For CGCSD members only, who holes out their 2nd shot into a Par 3 who was off the green from their first shot.

Hole in One Bonus

Prize Points:  200

Format:  For CGCSD Members only, CGCSD awarding 200 total points per monthly tournament for Hole in One. 

Eagle Shot Bonus

Prize Points:  50

Format:  For CGCSD Members only, CGCSD awarding 50 total prize points per monthly tournament for Eagle shots from 100 yards plus out.