Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego





In 2012, a small group of friends from California, got together and established the "Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego". The club is the brain-child of founding members Dave Crisostomo (Ipan-Talafofo), Johnny Mendiola, (Yona), Jack Stein (Tamuning), Pete Santos (Santa Rita) and Dan Mesa (Yona).

The vision and goal of the venture was to organize a club which would not only cater to the local (Chamorro) aspect of the stateside community but, to also make the golfing experience a fun one for "all" to enjoy.

 The CGCSD is a proud member of the SCGA/USGA. Currently, the club is host to a diverse group of cultures and is rapidly developing because of this. As such, there is an overwhelming atmosphere of camaraderie amongst the players. The Chamorro Golf Club of San Diego epitomizes the "Hafa Adai" spirit and encourages golfers of all levels to join in the fun.